We have moved!

The Otters SwimAdmin site has moved to swimotters.uk/DADT. You will have to log in with your username, and tick "I've forgotten my password". You will then be sent an email with instructions for generating a new password.

Your username is dadt-nnn, where nnn is your ASA number. If your ASA number is 123456, for example, then your new username is dadt-123456. If you do not yet have an ASA number, or have forgotten it, click on 'Otters online' at the new site, where you will find an email address for the site administrator, who will be able to help you.

You will not receive an email, or any other notification, if you enter your username incorrectly. This is a security measure. If you have not received a password reset email within a couple of minutes please check that you entered your username correctly.