Dereham Otters Easter Mini Meet (Development & County Squads) 28th April

Warm-up 4:30pm, Start 5:00pm, Finish 7:00pm

Accepted entries

Conditions & Programme

Training Sunday 28th April - Y, M & P3 - 8:00-9:00am - No Training C & D Squads - Normal UEA (P1 & P2)

Norfolks ASA County Challenge Gala 22nd/23rd June - Dereham - Entries Open 22nd April - Close 10th May

Programme & Conditions

Norfolk County Championships Refunds - Session 2 - List of Swimmers

  • How to Enter Galas using swimadmin - PDF guide
Fixtures Schedule updated 22-04-19

For entries to all galas in 2019 there will be a gala administration fee applied for each swimmer. This is to cover the cost of poolside coach passes & expenses incured by the club. This fee will not apply for 'In-house galas' (Roger virgoe, Annual Sprints & Mini Meets). The fee is displayed in the gala information and will automatically be added to the event costs on confirmation of the entry

Training Schedule updated 06-04-19

  • 19th-22nd April - No training - Easter Weekend
  • 28th April - Sunday am - 8:00-9:00am - Y, M & P3. No training Sunday pm @ Dereham (Mini Meet). Normal UEA (P1 & P2)
  • 5th May - Sunday UEA (one lane) - P2 - 6:00-7:00pm, P1 - 7:00-8:00pm
  • 6th May - May Bank Holiday - No training
  • 26th May - No UEA - All Squads @ Dereham. P3, C1 & C2 - 5:15-6:15pm / P1, P2, Y & M - 6:15-7:15pm
  • 27th May - Bank Holiday - No training

Social updated 09-01-19

  • Dereham Otters Volunteers Social @ the Last Pub Standing - Date TBC

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